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As a Documentary Photographer, I focus on emotions, connections and history while recording your authentic story. This helps you and your loved ones feel comfortable and be present, while I work unobtrusively and photograph it all. I won’t be manufacturing moments and know when to step back and when to step in. Your photographs will not only tell the story, they’ll capture who you are. They will be a reminder and beautiful record of all the sheer emotion you felt – for you, and those to come. Contact me and we can begin the conversation.

New Photo Guest Book for Weddings

October 7, 2014

My new Photo Guest Book for Weddings has just arrived and I couldn’t be happier with it! Noelle & Joey’s couple session is shown beautifully and the linen cover with embossing is the perfect compliment. The photo guest book is designed with the perfect amount of white space to allow all your wedding guests to share their love. Also, there is no need to worry about passing around your beautiful keepsake as the pages are substantial, thick and fingerprints can be wiped away. I am so delighted to offer these photo guest books to my couples as they are made to the highest standards. The photographs are printed on archival, professional quality photographic paper and mounted to inner core. Because they are hand sewn, each spread lays perfectly flat and this makes them so much more enjoyable to view and write in. A photo guest book is a great way to showcase your engagement photographs while making a memento you will treasure for years to come.

A high quality custom photo guest book with linen cover and embossing

A full page spread of an engagement photograph in a custom photo guest book

An engagement album that is perfect for a wedding guest book

A detail of a photograph in a beautiful custom wedding guest book

Engagement photographs make a beautiful custom photo guest book for weddings

An example of how engagement photographs make a beautiful and unique custom wedding guest book

A personal wedding guest book that features engagement photographs

This high quality engagement album makes a beautiful and unique wedding guest book

A custom wedding guest book featuring engagement photographs from a fall session in boston

custom photo guest book for weddings available in boston and new england

A new photo guest book for weddings is the perfect way to add a personal touch and create a lasting heirloom

new photo guest books for weddings come with custom covers and are made with the highest standards


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