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Over the years, I’ve had the pleasure of photographing hundreds of weddings, couples and families – so many that, frankly, it was hard to choose my favorites. When I look at these photos, I’m not just seeing the lighting or the composition, I’m seeing the memory that was made in that split-second, the moment that I was able to preserve for these loved ones. Take a look through the galleries, and if something resonates with you, get in touch via the Contact page. I’d love to get to know you and help tell your unique story.

Personal Branding

March 14, 2023

Give a glimpse into your authentic self

Boston Personal Branding Photographer


Years ago, I discovered how much life a documentary-style approach brought to traditional wedding photos, and now, I’m excited to bring that same approach to small businesses as a Boston personal branding photographer.

Believe me when I say I know how much time and energy goes into building and maintaining a website (and Instagram account… and Facebook page…). These aren’t just tools to tell potential clients what you do, but how you do it.

I want to help make your personal brand feel, well, personal. Unique. I want clients to see a photo of you and not just see a face but get a feeling of who you really are and how awesome you are to work with. 

To do that, we nix the traditional headshot and trade it for a photo session at your office, your store, your workshop, your restaurant, your home… wherever you are in your element, doing what you love. Too busy to sit still for a photo shoot? No problem. The way I work, you won’t need to miss a thing; I’ll blend right into the background. And in the end, you’ll get photos that feel like you and are free to use where and how you need.


Sarah’s Experience

“My experience with Gina was absolute PERFECTION. I can’t imagine anyone else capturing Little Buttercups the way Gina did. I was immediately drawn to her style – natural, real-life moments that magically take you back in time as you look at each photograph. Gina’s warm, calming presence was well received by our little ones making this experience a true pleasure. They loved her from the moment she arrived and welcomed Gina into our classroom with open arms. She has an incredible talent and I am beyond appreciative of these beautiful photos of my program! I love all of them so much it’s impossible to pick a favorite. Gina, you are without a doubt, one of a kind!”

– Sarah


Hilary’s Experience

“First and foremost, I have nothing but love and rave reviews for Gina. from the first correspondence I had with her, she was warm, friendly, professional, flexible, and eager to learn about my business and how I wanted to portray it. Not only that but the important questions she asked, really helped me to visualize and put into words what my mission was and what I wanted to clients to take away from my website.

We decided after a long chat that we would take my pictures at home, showing all sides of me: mom/wife, yoga enthusiast, and health coach. She was just so personable and I felt like she got me immediately, she was super supportive and excited for my business and my ideas and I instantly connected with her and knew within minutes that I was going to go with her for my pictures. This was all before the pictures were even taken! I could not have been more pleased with how my pictures came out, or blown away is the better description.

I am not someone who enjoys being in front of the camera, in fact, I tried everything to not be on my website but at the end of the day (and with the right photographer) these pictures tell my story, and make the website what it is and are what gave me that final push to finish it and just go for it.

If you have any reservations about professional branding pictures for your business, Gina is the person to speak with. In a nutshell, she’s amazing, it was the best decision and investment I have made thus far for my business. It also gave me the extra boost of confidence I needed to forge ahead! My kiddos are still talking about her to this day and they looooove the pictures and are very excited to be on Mommy’s website :)! Thank you again Gina!!!”

xo Hilary Kelly



I offer a variety of packages with timeframes ranging from your morning meeting to your whole 9-to-5.

As a business owner myself, I’d love to help you on your journey. Reach out and we can discuss pricing and availability.


Have a story that needs telling? I’d love to help. Give me a shout, and we’ll start a conversation.