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My Favorite Parks in Boston for Engagement Photography | Boston Engagement Photographer

February 21, 2021

As an engagement photographer, my goal is to capture images that will spark memories of this special time in your life – not memories of that time you didn’t know what to do with your hands. I like to make engagement photography sessions simple. Instead of a formal photo session, I tag along for date night. Or date afternoon. Or date early morning. I ask my couples what they love to do together, and where they like to visit – that shared activity becomes the session.

In Boston, there are so many amazing spots for outdoor photography. From cityscapes, to gardens, to beautiful waterfront views of Boston Harbor and the Charles River, there is no shortage of scenic areas for couples to hangout and be documented doing what they love. Part of choosing a setting is to find a place that’s meaningful and allows you to be comfortable and active. While home is often the first choice for couples, venturing out for part of your session helps tell more about you as a couple and what you do together at this stage in your life. If you’re looking for ideas and inspiration for outdoor photography in Boston, I’m always happy to help create a great date day/night and find a setting that makes sense for you! Here are my favorite parks for outdoor photography.

  1. Dorchester Heights – Southie

This hidden gem in Southie has awesome views and lots of grassy places to hang out for a picnic or whatever feels right. The park is elevated and features amazing views of the city skyline. If Southie is your stomping ground, starting your session at home and strolling over to this beautiful spot is a great option for a session. Many people will bring their dogs to Dorchester Heights for a walk so if you’re thinking of having your dog be part of your photoshoot, this is a great spot.

2. Larz Anderson Park – Brookline

Larz Anderson is a large park in South Brookline that offers a variety of places to walk and hang out. The park includes rolling hills, gardens, wooded areas and pond. As a photographer, I especially love their spaced-out picnic tables so couples can make themselves comfortable and enjoy a picnic or board game during their date night session. It is these real moments of genuine interaction that will bring couples back to this beautiful stage in their life!

3. Fan Pier Park – Seaport District

If the seaport is a significant spot for you, heading over to Fan Pier for some intimate photographs as the sunsets never disappoint. There a few spots you can sneak away to if there are crowds and still avail of the epic view and light this location offers. The scenic views of the cityscape are unmatched and make a great backdrop for engagement photography.

A documentary portrait of a couple walking along Fan Pier during their Boston engagement session
A documentary photograph of a couple hugging during their Boston Engagement Session at Fan Pier

4. Boston Public Gardens – Beacon Hill/Back Bay

Although it’s one of the most popular spots in the city, The Boston Public Gardens, is a great option for outdoor photography. The scenery at the Public Garden makes it a popular destination for a proposal. The couple in the photo below got engaged on this very bench, so we headed back here for their session. Often, couples walk through the Boston Public Gardens daily if they live close by, or will go on a day trip to take in the wonderful scenery. So any location, no matter how popular or busy, can always work well for a session if it’s meaningful and comfortable for the couple. 

5. Esplanade – Back Bay/Downtown

In the heart of the city and between Boston and Cambridge, the Charles River Esplanade is a location I frequent often with couples, and for good reason. It is by far one of the nicest places to walk in the city and you can even stop off for a craft beer and delicious eats along the way too. This makes it a great date spot and I love to tag along with couples and document doing what they enjoy most together. It’s a bonus that the views of both Cambridge and Boston are beautiful and complement the water perfectly. 

7 More Parks for Engagement Photography

  1. Herter Park, Allston
  2. North Point Park, Cambridge
  3. Charlestown Naval Shipyard Park, Charlestown
  4. Dorchester Park, Dorchester
  5. Piers Park, East Boston
  6. Arnold Arboretum, Jamaica Plain
  7. Jamaica Pond, Jamaica Plain

Find The Best Outdoor Photography Spot For You

While these are some of my favorite places for outdoor photography, they may not always be the best spot for everyone. An outdoor setting should be meaningful for you as a couple, and a place you feel comfortable. 

If you’re looking for more ideas, here are more options for Boston outdoor photography spots, including Brookline and Cambridge. Also, I was selected by Redfin as a Boston local for their recent publication. See the Redfin article I was featured in here: Uncover the Best of Boston: A Local’s Guide to the City’s Hidden Gems | Redfin so feel free to check that out for even more awesome spots!

For those that are planning an engagement session, I’m happy to help you plan a great date day/night centered around you. I’m looking forward to capturing images that will spark memories of this special time in your life.


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