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Over the years, I’ve had the pleasure of photographing hundreds of weddings, couples and families – so many that, frankly, it was hard to choose my favorites. When I look at these photos, I’m not just seeing the lighting or the composition, I’m seeing the memory that was made in that split-second, the moment that I was able to preserve for these loved ones. Take a look through the galleries, and if something resonates with you, get in touch via the Contact page. I’d love to get to know you and help tell your unique story.

Who should have a couple session?

A couple session is perfect if you’re planning a proposal, recently engaged, newly wed, married with kids, celebrating your 50th wedding anniversary or just in love and wanting some beautiful photographs of the two of you.

Why should you have a couple session

Couple sessions allow you to escape for a few hours and focus completely on one another. They are fun, romantic and centered around who you both are. After the session is complete, you will be left a collection of photographs that you can cherish forever.

I include an engagement session with each wedding as it is such a great way for you to get to know me. Also, it helps you relax in front of the camera and feel even more comfortable with me on your wedding day.

couple cuddle in a canoe during their couple session on the charles river in boston

When should you have your couple session? 

Spring and Fall are the most popular seasons for couple sessions but a snowy backdrop and a summers evening can be amazing too. The best time of year is different for each couple as each season offers its own look, feel and possibilities. The best time of day for couple sessions is the first two hours after sunrise or the first two hours after sunset. This time of day gives the most flattering light and is known as the golden hour. For more on this, check out my previous blogpost –  the best time of day for portrait sessions.

What should you do during your couple session?

You should do whatever you two love doing together! This could be cooking a meal, walking the dog or having coffee at your favorite cafe – it is completely up to you. This will help your photographer capture your unique relationship and create photographs that tell your story.

couple lay on a blanket during their rustic picnic couple session in boston common

Where should you go during your couple session?

I always encourage couples to find a location that is special for them and makes them feel comfortable. Often a secluded location is best as it offers privacy and helps a couple be relaxed. Outdoor locations are ideal for natural light but an inside location with adequate windows can be beautiful. Let your photographer know where you would like to go so they get to know the location and prepare for various lighting conditions. You may also need permission to photograph in some locations and your photographer can help with this as well.

I hope you found these couple session tips helpful and wish you all the best with yours!



I love connecting with people and documenting life’s most meaningful stories for them. Get in touch and we can begin the conversation.