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Tuesday Tips… Choosing a Wedding Photographer

February 11, 2014

After the ‘I dos’ are said, the cake is cut and the bouquet is thrown, your photographs will be there, telling the story for generations. This story should capture the joy, love and beautiful chaos that filled the day. It should reflect you, your relationship and your amazing guests.  It should make you laugh, cry and fall in love all over again.

So what wedding photographer will tell your story best? That depends on your style, personality and needs. Here are some tips for choosing a wedding photographer that is perfect for you.Photojournalist Wedding PhotographerStyle…

There are many different styles of wedding photography – editorial, artistic, fashion-based, traditional, photojournalistic – just to name a few. To determine what style suits you best, there are a few things to keep in mind…the mood of the photographs, the look of the photographs and the approach of the photographer. The most important thing is that the photographs speak to you. Whether it is visually, emotionally or both.

The approach of a wedding photographer will determine the time you invest for portraits and the impact the photographer has on the day. A documentary or photojournalistic wedding photographer will capture the day as it unfolds and will spend a short amount of time getting some natural portraits of the two of you. A photographer with a fashion-based approach may want to spend an hour or more with you creating dramatic portraits. Decide how you want your day to flow and how you want your story told. Ask the photographer how much time they require for group photographs and wedding portraits to ensure there are no surprises on your big day.

The style of a photographer extends into the post-processing of the photographs and the design of the album. I would recommend a clean and timeless style for both the photographs and album design as they will stand the test of time.Bride and Groom meeting at the top of the aislePersonality…

It is so important to choose a photographer that you and your guest are at ease with. This will allow everyone to relax, enjoy the day and ignore the camera. This will lead to better photographs that capture the atmosphere of the day and the essence of the people. For a majority of the day, it is best if the photographer is in the background. This way, they capture your day with little impact. For the group photographs, however, the photographer needs to come out from the background and ensure they give clear directions in a friendly and professional manner. If your photographer is experienced, organized and efficient, you will get beautiful group photographs without sacrificing  a lot of time away from the celebrations.Photojournalist Wedding Photography BostonNeeds…

If the time with your guests is top priority, look at a photographer with a documentary of photojournalistic style. If you would like a large amount of group photographers, a more traditional photographer may be what your after. Are you happy with a few hours of coverage or would you like every moment captured and presented in a beautiful album? Decide what you want from both your wedding day and your photographs – the right photographer can help you get both. Every photographer has their own speciality, it is important to find one that will meet your needs best.

Best of luck and congratulations!Candid Wedding PhotographyHave a look here for more information on my style and approach to wedding photography.


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