Sit back, relax and have a look at some of my favorite photographs from Weddings throughout New England and beyond. As a Documentary Wedding Photographer, I focus on emotions, connections and history while recording your authentic wedding story. This helps you and your loved ones feel comfortable and be present, while I work unobtrusively and photograph the day as it unfolds. During the portrait session, I keep you interacting while I create a collection of portraits that capture your unique relationship. I won’t be manufacturing moments and know when to step back and when to step in. Your photographs will not only tell the story of your day, they’ll capture who you are. They will be a reminder and beautiful record of all the sheer emotion you felt – for you, and those to come.

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We just sat together for 2 hours looking through each and every image. We’re in awe! You captured everything and gave us the opportunity to relive this magical day! We awwwwed after each photo and wondered how you were seemingly in so many places at once! It’s so hard to pinpoint our favorites since we’ve pretty much decided we’re going to have to print them all because we have to have every incredible moment. We feel so lucky that we got to have you as our photographer! These moments you captured are so pure and genuine and they transport us back to the day in such an incredible way. Even without knowing our family and friends and you captured their spirits in such an amazing way.

We really just can’t thank you enough for this incredible gift! It’s hard to put words to how moved we feel seeing our day through your lens.

Also, Gina – In my excitement I left out the part where I thank you for being such an amazing contribution to our day. You have such a wonderful presence and we feel so grateful to have found you! We felt so lucky to be surrounded by so many family and friends, and we count you among them!
Much love,

Julie & Alyssa”