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Tuesday Tip: Prepare for Bad Weather

January 28, 2014

Mother Nature has a mind of her own and she is impossible to control. But regardless of what she throws your way, it is important to embrace it! By remembering what’s important, you will have the perfect day whether it is filled with showers, storms or sunshine! Your photographer will be happy to venture out in any weather to create beautiful photographs! They will also have some great ideas for creating fantastic portraits indoors. These few tips will help you prepare for bad weather and offer a lot of peace of mind before and during your wedding day.


Umbrellas are great for rain and snow and can add a personal touch to your day as well. You can have them on stand by for yourself and husband to be, your wedding party or all of your guests. White, black and clear umbrellas are best as they are timeless and won’t create a color cast in the photographs.

Cover ups, Shawls & Blankets…

Cover ups, shawls and blankets can work wonders for shielding you and your guests from the wind and cold. By having a few cute blankets available for a chilly guest and some pretty cover ups and shawls for you and your ladies, the day can be much more enjoyable and even more stylish.

Prepare for bad weather cute umbrellaVenue…

When choosing a venue, ensure there is an indoor space that can be transformed to fit your vision. This way, if umbrellas and shawls just won’t cut it, you can escape inside for your ceremony or reception.


A gust of wind can send your escort cards and linens flying. Have a few options for weighing them down to ensure they’ll stay put.


A windy day can make it impossible to keep candles lit, to ensure your lighting won’t be affected, use lanterns, tall containers or christmas lights to create the perfect ambience.

Touch Ups…

Have a little bag with bobby pins, makeup, tissues and other touch up essentials handy.


Snow can block pathways and make it awkward for you and guests to get to you venue. Have a few helpers on stand by who can shovel a clear route.

If you are visited with snow, rain and wind…it can make these ‘bad’ weather days in the future that much more special and romantic. In fact, it is said that rain is good luck because a wet knot is harder to untie.

Happy Tuesday!


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