Imagine that you’re able to look back and relive all the little moments that make you smile, laugh and tear up as you go through the daily routines of family life. Imagine you’re able to share the nuances of these fleeting years with your little one as they grow. Imagine that they’re able to see how you interacted, how you lived and just how much love you have always had for them. Imagine that these beautiful moments are preserved, to remind you, over and over, just how incredible these seemingly mundane moments of family life can be.

To ensure a laid back and enjoyable experience, all of my family sessions take place wherever you and your little ones feel most comfortable. By creating a relaxed environment and working unobtrusively, I photograph all of you as you are. I won’t be manufacturing moments and know when to step back and when to step in. You don’t need to stress about having the perfect outfit or the perfect home – I will capture the beauty of your real life family and deliver photographs that make your heart burst with joy, even on the hardest days.

It’s really important to me that you and your family have the ability to keep and enjoy every single image I deliver. Now, and in the future. This is why each session includes high resolution files, with print release, on a beautiful online gallery. You can share, download and print the photographs with ease and they are stored safely in cloud for ten years! Every one of your photographs will be individually edited for the best color, sharpness and exposure and will look beautiful. Get in touch and we can take the first steps in preserving the emotions, connections and interactions that you’ll want to hold on to.

“I wish I had realized that family history is a perishable commodity. It disappears with time, as memories fade and as loved ones pass on. I wish I had known that the most important aspect of family history is preserving a record of the present for the future.”

Maternity Sessions

The weeks and months before your little one arrives in the world are extremely special. The excitement and anticipation is like nothing else. Whether it’s your first or third baby, things are going to change in a remarkable way. Preserve this time for you, your little one and those to come while you can. You’ll love to look back at this time when your little one was growing inside you. And they’ll love to see a photo of their amazing Mom while pregnant. Your session will be documentary in nature and you’ll receive a photographic story with some natural portraits of you and your beautiful bump.  Contact me and when can begin planning your maternity session.

Newborn Sessions

It’s hard to describe the immense love that overwhelmed me when my son was born. Those first few weeks, my neck was sore from looking at him in my arms, for hours – when I probably should have been sleeping. Amidst all the emotions and navigation of taking care of this tiny, amazing baby, things moved incredibly fast. Before I knew it, he was growing out of his onsies he never had a chance to wear. The photographs I have of our family at that time are already so important to me, and he’s only a toddler. They help to remind me how incredibly fast time goes and make me fall more in love with the life we created. During your newborn session, I will come to your home and capture the intimate moments of you with your new arrival. Your session will be documentary in nature with some exquisite portraits of all of you and your little one. You’ll receive a collection of photographs that will allow you to relive all the love and beauty of this fleeting time. Get in touch and we can begin planning your newborn session.

The First Year

The first year of a baby’s life is full of so many milestones, adventures and transitions. This photography package ensures that these remarkable moments will be preserved amidst the busy schedule of family life. I will be there capturing your sweet little one just days after they’re born, when they’re sitting and smiling at six months and when they’re on the move at twelve months. Each session will be documentary in nature and focused on capturing all the interactions, connections and moments that are unique to your little one and your family. Along with a collection of photographs, you will receive an optional album credit at a special rate. The album we create together will be beautiful record of your little one’s first journey – an incredible gift and legacy for you and your little one. Get in touch and we can begin the conversation.

A documentary photograph of a family laughing together in the park during a lifestyle session

Motherhood Sessions 

Growing up, my mom was usually behind the camera. And the same is true for me. Either that, or I am too caught up in everyday life to stop and capture it while it’s happening. Before you know it, time has passed and there are only a few photographs of you with your little ones. This session is created for Mommas who want to stop and take the time to encapsulate the beautiful and powerful role of motherhood. Both for you and for your little one as they grow. This record of the incredible love and bond you both have will be something you’ll continue to treasure and so will they. Your session will be documentary in nature and will include a beautiful story of your relationship and some intimate portraits.   Along with a collection of photographs, you will receive an optional album credit at a special rate. The album we create together will include words you’d like to share with your little one and will be incredible gift and legacy. Contact me and we can begin planning your motherhood session.

Family Life Sessions 

The beautiful chaos of your family life deserves to be recorded and preserved – with and for all of you – as it is, right now. Take a moment from the rush and monotony of daily life and fall deeper in love with the life you both have created. The moments that are flying by, and sometimes missed, will be kept safe and you’ll have a beautiful reminder of what an incredible job you are doing raising your little ones. During your session, I’ll come to your home or favorite spot and document the in-between moments and the perfectly imperfect life you all live. I’ll leave you with a collection of photographs that will capture all of you, as you are, right now. Get in touch and we can begin planning your family life session.

Day in the Life Sessions

These sessions are exactly what they sound like – a day in the life of your family, just as you live it. I’ll join you for the day, or part of the day, and document it all! Bedhead, morning snuggles and breakfast all the way to baths and bed. I’ll come along on those outings, errands and adventures and will be there for the dishes and laundry too. This collection of photographs will be real, perfectly imperfect and full of life. They will capture all those seemingly mundane moments that reflect who all of you are and what you mean to each other. Along with a collection of photographs, you will receive an optional album credit at a special rate. The album we create together will be an incredible story you and your kids will love to revisit over and over. Get in touch and we can begin the conversation.

Albums & Prints

You have invested in capturing the amazing moments of your family. Don’t leave those incredible photographs in the virtual world – they deserve to be printed, displayed and placed in a quality album. I would love to help you make these family heirlooms and have chosen incredible labs and companies to work with. You can order prints with ease through your online gallery and I am here to help create larger prints and frames for your home. I have also chosen to use bespoke, handcrafted albums that are beautifully timeless to display your family stories. Each album is designed and created with an incredible amount of care from start to finish. The photographs are printed on archival, professional quality paper and the pages are hand sewn allowing each spread to lay perfectly flat. We’ll work together to create an album that perfectly tells your story so it can be relived and shared for years to come. Get in touch and we can begin the conversation.