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My Favorite Store in Beacon Hill

After stumbling across Black Ink, I am happy to say it is my new favorite store in Beacon Hill! I could spend hours looking at all the cleverly designed items and I always come away with a fantastic gift for a friend or even myself. I love the selection of cute stationary and the variety of cards is terrific! If you find yourself on Charles Street, be sure to pop in, you won’t be disappointed.

Black Ink, on Charles Street, is my favorite store in Beacon Hill for buying gifts


This wonderful gift shop on Charles Street in Beacon Hill is my new favorite store


A great assortment of cleverly designed coffee makers, jugs, mugs and jars are available at Black Ink, a wonderful gift shop in Beacon Hill


Lots of fun items for your kitchen are available at Black Ink, a really cool gift shop in the Beacon Hill area of Boston

Find some of the best teas at Black Ink, a great store located on Charles Street in the Beacon Hill area of Boston


Traditional rubber stamps, beautiful notebooks and cute stationary are all available at Black Ink in Boston


Find great gifts for people of all ages at Black Ink in Boston


Clever and cool gifts for kids are available at Black Ink, a gift shop in the Beacon Hill area of Boston


Find great cards for every occasion at Black Ink in the Beacon Hill area of Boston


Black Ink in Boston's Beacon Hill has a range of cleverly designed gifts for all ages and interest


Cute stationary and office supplies at Boston's best gift shop, Black Ink


Lots of cleverly designed items for your home are available at Black Ink, a gift store in Boston's Beacon Hill

Gifts for people of all ages and interests are available at Black Ink, a great store in Boston's Beacon Hill

World’s Best Wedding Photographers by Junebug Weddings

I’m am delighted to announce that Junebug Weddings has named me one of the World’s Best Wedding Photographers and invited me to be featured on their fantastic site! I would like to thank the Junebug Wedding team, and Lexi Ross in particular, for their recognition and kind words.

Award winning photographer Gina Brocker values the depth and timelessness of candid photography. Her relaxed approach makes documenting honest emotions seem effortless. With her photography featured in publications such as the British Journal of Photography and The Sunday Times, Gina’s work is world renowned. While she is a highly talented artist, Gina also focuses on her clients and making sure she is doing everything in her power to record their wedding with the utmost care. The intimate details and nuances of your special day, as well as the smiles, tears and laughs are equally important to Gina. She understands how every bit of your wedding day is meaningful. While she calls Boston home, Gina is a huge fan of travel, and ready to go wherever your journey awaits.”

– Lexi Ross

A perfect description of one of the worlds best wedding photographers, gina brocker, on Junebug WeddingsThe portfolio of Gina Brocker, one of the worlds best wedding photographers on Junebug Weddings

A Parisian Cafe in Boston’s Back Bay

I stumbled upon the Patisserie on Newbury and was delighted I stopped by. This Parisian cafe in Boston’s Back Bay serves homemade breads and pastries that are amazing! They also have a wonderful selection of artisan foods and tasty goodies for you try when you walk in. I especially love the Harney & Sons Tea and the range of infused olive oils.

The atmosphere is charming and you can enjoy your delicious food at a bistro table or box them up for later. I would highly recommend this wonderful spot and will definitely be back myself.

A fantastic parisian cafe in Boston's Back Bay features homemade breads, pastries and artisan foods

Best croissants in Boston are served a cute french cafe in Boston's Back Bay

Find amazing chutneys, olive oils and other artisan foods at the Patisserie on Newbury Street in Boston's Back Bay

Find artisan honeys, jams, teas and more at a little french cafe on Newbury Street, Boston


What is Wedding Photojournalism?

I love that brief second when my camera shutter is released and I know I just captured a moment in time, perfectly. It is why I am a photographer and why I love documenting weddings. From the time I began photographing, over fourteen years ago, I sought out to share relationships, interactions and  the emotions of people through my images. I have created photo essays of subcultures, neighborhoods, families and individuals with a documentary approach. After photographing a wedding six years ago with a good friend of mine, I was hooked. I loved spending the day capturing so many different emotions, relationships and stories. A few months later I began my own business. I have taken all my experience as a documentary photographer and brought it to my wedding photography.

There are a few ways to describe my approach: documentary, photojournalistic, natural, candid and unobtrusive to name a few. These descriptions can sometimes be overused and bit vague, so I thought I would dive in a little deeper and answer the question….what is wedding photojournalism?

what is wedding photojournalism?

Wedding photojournalism is the recording of events, as they unfold, without interference. The photographer acts as an observer, anticipating and capturing moments while being as unobtrusive as possible. It is honest, human, narrative and emotional.

Rather than manufacturing moments or instructing poses, wedding photojournalist crave to be unnoticed. This allows everyone to forget the camera, and be themselves on the day. While you and your guests focus on each other, the photographer is capturing the essence of relationships and the atmosphere of the day. Looking back at your wedding album, you will relive all the little moments rather than the instructions of a photographer.

For more on Wedding Photojournalism and other photography styles, have a look at my previous post, Choosing a Photographer.

Have a great day!

New Years Resolutions…

Happy 2014 everyone! I love a fresh start and am excited to make this year the best one yet. After having a nice break over the holidays I have created some reminders and goals that will make this a terrific year for me and my business. In no particular order, here they are…

Write in my journal everyday, drink more water, spend more time with family, blog more, met more photographers, take more personal photographs, stress less, do more yoga, spend more time with friends…wherever they may live, cook more, visit Australia, travel, photograph everyday, read more, learn five new skills, make a short film and stay inspired

And because photographs make everything better… here are a few I snapped over the holidays. Enjoy!